Success stories

SSRVS is helping shape lives of many students and their family and this is evident from success stories of some of these students. Many students in these rural areas need good education and exposure to variety of subject matters to hone their skill set. Below are examples of two students whose life are transformed by providing best education and guidance.

Mahendra Meena from village Dedla, Ramtekri joined this school in 5th grade. Since he came from a government school where the medium of study was Hindi and he could not even speak and write English alphabets.  After spending 2-3 years and getting full support from teachers, he is now doing well academically where the medium of teaching is English and this is a fruit of his hard work.  In this school he got a chance to learn different sports and with teacher’s encouragement he is now excelling at sports as well. In exams he scored more than 75% marks. In sports he won silver medal at zonal level in CM CUP TOURNAMENT 2018 and gold medal at district level. His parents are very happy with school and they feel that school has changed their son’s life and are sure he now has a better future. His father, Mangilaal Meena is a farmer, both parents are illiterate, and they have very less land.

Babli and Gautam, twin kids of Takht Singh from village Malipura are studying in class 3rd. Father is a simple farmer with little land. He is not able to pay for the school fees, so both students are studying free. They are coming school by school bus daily.  Before here Babli was studying in village's government school and Gautam was not studying anywhere. They took Admission in class UKG in SSRVS school. Now both are doing well. Their father mentioned that he is very happy to see his children doing well in study and he is appreciative to see a positive difference in their speaking language, culture and behavior. And all this has been possible due to SSRVS providing good education to kids in a remote area.